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NATO’s expansion will help stability, despite concerns about Russia

26.5.2019  18:01
Just because a country was once occupied by the Soviet Union or under the domination of the...  celý článek

Luke Coffey, Arab News (Saudi Arabia)

A bigger NATO has been a better NATO

25.5.2019  17:54
After winning the Cold War, America might have pulled out and gone home. But just as NATO...  celý článek

Jeff Jacoby, The Boston Globe (USA)

Russia has won the information war in Turkey

23.4.2019  17:13
The Kremlin doesn’t even need fake news to push its agenda on Turkish social media. Because...  celý článek

H. Akin Unver, Foreign Policy (USA)

NATO countries need to stop China from winning the 5G race

17.4.2019  12:51
NATO — a collection of 29 distinct nations, each with its own approach to technological...  celý článek

David A. Andelman, CNN (USA)

Energy conjoins NATO, 70 years later

11.4.2019  12:32
Nuclear weapons and oil were the concrete commodities that undergirded NATO’s creation. The...  celý článek

John Bowlus, Energy Reporters (France)

Turkey and allies need to decouple NATO and the US

11.4.2019  12:27
It is unfortunate that at a time when NATO is celebrating its 70st anniversary, Turkey’s...  celý článek

Barcin Yinanc, Hurriet Daily News (Turkey)

Nostalgia is a national security threat

10.4.2019  12:19
Within the U.S. foreign-policy community, the Cold War is particularly notable for being...  celý článek

Micah Zenko, Foreign Policy (USA)

Assessing NATO’s Value

29.3.2019  14:06
The United States was the driving proponent of NATO’s creation in 1949 and has been the...  celý článek

Paul Belkin, Congressional Research Service (USA)

Nato in the age of Putin and Trump

29.3.2019  10:54
The organisation, which was originally meant to last ten years, celebrates its 70th...  celý článek

David Reynolds, New Statesman (USA)

To strengthen NATO, Congress must help end its reliance on Russian equipment

28.3.2019  10:41
Eastern NATO members - the very ones on the front lines of potential hostilities with Russia -...  celý článek

Max Bergmann, Defence One (USA)

Time for NATO to talk about China

27.3.2019  10:36
As NATO allies prepare to gather in Washington on April 4 to celebrate the alliance’s...  celý článek

Erik Brattberg, Carnegie Europe (Belgium)

Cracks in the Transatlantic family show in Munich

26.2.2019  12:24
Europeans seem not to understand that power is shifting away from them. Several European...  celý článek

Michael Fullilove, Channel News Asia (Singapore)

Europe's immense security challenges in the age of Trump

25.2.2019  12:18
The trans-Atlantic alliance has been significantly weakened, forcing Europe to build up its...  celý článek

Christiane Hoffmann, Spiegel Online (Germany)

The US-EU crisis, NATO and Greece

22.2.2019  12:12
The Euro-Atlantic family is going through one of the worst crises in its history, as its unity...  celý článek

Tom Ellis, Ekathimerini (Greece)

Can NATO survive two more years of Donald Trump?

22.1.2019  11:12
Trump’s low regard for NATO has been publicly manifest in his incessant comments castigating...  celý článek

Alexander Vershbow, The Hill (USA)

The world still needs NATO

21.1.2019  11:06
In April, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization will celebrate its 70th birthday. Founded in...  celý článek

Ursula von der Leyen, The New York Times (USA)

NATO at 70 — not a time to retire

12.12.2018  8:47
When we celebrate NATO’s 70th anniversary in 2019, we will not be celebrating an outdated...  celý článek

Claus Hjort Frederiksen, Defense News (USA)

Is nuclear disarmament set to self-destruct?

11.12.2018  9:00
The Americans say they have powerful evidence that, over several years, Russia has developed...  celý článek

Jonathan Marcus, BBC (United Kingdom)

NATO’s Trident Juncture 2018 exercise: political theatre with a purpose

22.11.2018  19:51
Jack Watling, RUSI (United Kingdom) NATO has concluded its largest live exercise since...  celý článek

Jack Watling, RUSI (United Kingdom)

NATO is in the middle of an expensive and dangerous military exercise. Here’s why those war games are worth it

30.10.2018  10:01
Over 50,000 troops, hundreds of aircraft and dozens of warships under his command are spread...  celý článek

James Stavridis, Time (USA)

Exercise Trident Juncture is a response to Russian aggression

23.10.2018  11:15
The goal of the drills isn’t simply tactical. Although Alliance officials have stopped short...  celý článek

James Amedeo, Nathan Faucett, The Hill (USA)

Trump is right to withdraw from that nuclear treaty

23.10.2018  11:08
The INF treaty was supposed to eliminate all missiles with a range of about 300 to 3,500...  celý článek

Eli Lake, Bloomberg (USA)

Renegotiate the INF agreement, don't withdraw!

23.10.2018  10:43
US President Donald Trump wants to withdraw from the 1987 INF treaty, saying Russia has...  celý článek

Udo Bauer, Deutsche Welle (Germany)

Why Belgium's pick of its next fighter is pivotal for Europe's future security

6.9.2018  9:07
Much has changed in the Low Countries during the intervening millennium, but the need of...  celý článek

Loren Thompson, Forbes (USA)

Why Finland and Sweden still flirt with joining NATO

5.9.2018  9:01
Throughout the Cold War, Finland and Sweden maintained neutrality to avoid the crosshairs of...  celý článek

Michael Miklaucic, The Hill (USA)

NATO’s purpose is to ensure we don’t have to defend Montenegro

1.8.2018  16:15
There is a reason Putin despises the NATO alliance so much — and has fought to prevent further...  celý článek

Mark A. Thiessen, The Washington Post (USA)

A Russian attack on Montenegro could mean the end of NATO

1.8.2018  15:59
Russia is not as powerful as it was in the Soviet era but, thanks to President Vladimir...  celý článek

Jeffrey A. Stacey, Foreign Policy (USA)

5 things about NATO people too often misunderstand

1.8.2018  15:48
Of all the goofy things that Donald Trump has done as president, nothing ignites the outrage...  celý článek

Stephen M. Walt, Business Insider (USA)

The NATO summit proves Europe doesn't get Trump – or the US

17.7.2018  10:01
Trump is certainly a different political leader and US president. His style is unique, but he...  celý článek

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Ban NATO summits

16.7.2018  9:54
After watching this NATO summit unfold here in Brussels, we think it’s worth considering...  celý článek

Souhrn zahraničních komentářů na téma summit NATO 2018 (4)

Trump Fumed, but NATO Members Got What They Wanted

13.7.2018  9:37
U.S. President Donald Trump did just about everything he could to spoil the NATO summit in...  celý článek

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NATO-Gipfel kehrt zur Normalität zurück

12.7.2018  9:50
Nach dem ersten Tag des NATO-Gipfels in Brüssel war klar: Es gab Streit, aber kein totales...  celý článek

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Two foundations for a successful NATO summit

11.7.2018  10:04
Ensuring a successful NATO summit requires getting the fundamentals right. Namely, NATO should...  celý článek

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NATO–Russia Council: What are the outcomes?

14.6.2018  19:05
The principal outcome of the NATO–Russia Council (NRC) held on May 31, 2018 is that it...  celý článek

Dmitry Danilov, Modern Diplomacy (Greece)

Trump vs NATO: the trade war is becoming a security crisis

14.6.2018  19:00
The future of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation looks shakier now than perhaps at any...  celý článek

Fraser Nelson, The Spectator (United Kingdom)

Winning on NATO

14.6.2018  18:47
We noted earlier this week that one of President Trump’s less appreciated foreign-policy...  celý článek

The Editorial Board, The Wall Street Journal (USA)

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