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The US should call NATO to action and defend Europe against coronavirus

vydáno 1. dubna 2020  17:03
Sídlo Severoatlantické aliance v Bruselu

If NATO could bend Article 5 to combat a non-state terrorist actor striking the United States, why not also to combat the Chinese-originated COVID-19, which by Friday had infected more than 28,000...  celý článek

Frederick Kempe, CNBS (USA)

The coronavirus is a test for the West

Vlajky Severoatlantické aliance a Evropské unie.
vydáno 18. března 2020  16:57

Too often, some Western governments have looked to the short term, concerned with keeping budgets under strict control, concerned with cutting back on public...  celý článek

Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe (Belgium)

Big ideas for NATO’s new mission in Iraq

Sídlo Severoatlantické aliance v Bruselu
vydáno 10. března 2020  10:28

Sharing the burden of keeping down the Islamic State makes sense. But U.S. and NATO leaders should be coldly realistic about what European allies can do—and...  celý článek

David Petraeus, Vance Serchuk, Foreign Policy (USA)

The NATO Parliamentary Assembly as an antidote to public disengagement from defence

Sídlo Severoatlantické aliance v Bruselu
vydáno 10. února 2020  15:38

NATO had spent too much time focusing on the military potential of Article 5 and forgotten the strategic political importance of other articles in the...  celý článek

Madeleine Moon, RUSI (United Kingdom)

Trump does the NATO two-step

Americký prezident Donald Trump s generálním tajemníkem NATO Jensem...
vydáno 9. ledna 2020  19:51

President Trump’s remarks about Iran on Wednesday weren’t exactly a model of clarity. The president clearly wanted to project toughness while continuing to...  celý článek

Megan McArdle, The Washington Post (USA)

Only a China-Russia alliance could revive a ‘brain-dead’ Nato

Čína (ilustrační foto)
vydáno 3. ledna 2020  9:24

Nato’s fatal problem is it has no real enemy, with Russia a spent force and terrorism a vaguely defined threat. US efforts to set up China as the new bogeyman...  celý článek

Zhou Bo, South China Morning Post (China)

NATO stuck between Trump and Macron

Francouzský prezident Emmanuel Macron s šéfem Bílého domu Donaldem Trumpem
vydáno 18. prosince 2019  11:07

First it was the U.S., already under the junior President George Bush and well before President Donald Trump, who declared NATO obsolete. Then a few weeks ago,...  celý článek

Borut Grgic
Hurriet Daily News (Turkey)

Nato needs to find its own way free of any manipulation by US

vydáno 16. prosince 2019  11:02

With the 29-member organisation struggling to find purpose, it bent to American pressure at its recent anniversary summit and for the first time turned its...  celý článek

The South China Morning Post (China)

Why the ‘Afghanistan Papers’ matter

vydáno 11. prosince 2019

On Monday, the Washington Post published what it calls a “secret history” of the U.S. war in Afghanistan, comprising 2,000 pages of interviews with senior U.S....  celý článek

Ravi Agrawal & Kathryn Salam
Foreign Policy (USA)

Despite Turkey’s drift from the West, Nato is still Ankara’s best security guarantor

vydáno 11. prosince 2019  17:56

From purchasing Russian S-400s to Turkey’s role in a scheme to circumvent sanctions on Iran, Turkey has drifted away from the West in recent years. However,...  celý článek

Simon Waldman
The National (UAE)

NATO is full of freeloaders. But it’s how we defend the free world.

vydáno 11. prosince 2019  17:05

With the conclusion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s 70th anniversary summit in London, it’s fair to say that Donald Trump thinks that most alliance...  celý článek

Souhrn zahraničních komentářů k summitu NATO 2019

A challenge from China could be just the thing to pull NATO together

vydáno 3. prosince 2019  14:50

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is looking more disorganized than ever, but a major Pacific rival could help push them back together.  celý článek

Souhrn zahraničních komentářů k summitu NATO 2019

Hirntote Nato? Europa kann auf die Amerikaner nicht verzichten

vydáno 13. listopadu 2019  13:24

Frankreichs Präsident bescheinigt der Nato den «Hirntod» und ruft zur strategischen Autonomie Europas auf. Doch Macrons Analyse ist nicht nur geprägt von...  celý článek

Andreas Rüesch, Neue Zürcher Zeitung (Switzerland)

NATO isn’t dead, but it’s ailing

vydáno 12. listopadu 2019  10:31

NATO is brain-dead. So said French President Emmanuel Macron in an interview published last week. He’s not wholly wrong. A generation after the collapse of...  celý článek

Walter Russell Mead, The Wall Street Journal (USA)

Macronov nápad môže oslabiť bezpečnosť Európy

vydáno 12. listopadu 2019  10:26

V obrane a stratégii je dôvera kľúčová. Zmluvy, dohody a spojenectvá fungujú na základe dôvery. Bez dôvery je aj najsilnejší písaný záväzok len zdrapom...  celý článek

Róbert Ondrejcsák, Dennik N (Slovensko)

NATO has bigger problems than Donald Trump

vydáno 11. listopadu 2019  13:14

Less than a month out from the NATO allied leaders’ summit in London, the transatlantic alliance is confronting its greatest threat: from within, not without....  celý článek

Christian Leuprecht, The Globe and Mail (Canada)

Macron’s grenade

vydáno 10. listopadu 2019  13:04

Emmanuel Macron has frequently called for Europe to build up its defence capacity and forge an independent course in foreign policy, but in a provocative...  celý článek

The Irish Times (Ireland)

Emmanuel Macron is right: NATO is over

vydáno 8. listopadu 2019  12:27

On the eve of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and a scant month before NATO celebrates its 70th anniversary in London, French President...  celý článek

Jacob Heilbrunn, The Washington Post (USA)

NATO can save the Kurds and make the Turks happy

vydáno 22. října 2019  18:15

Turkey is in NATO, so why not use the alliance to forge peace along its Syrian border?  celý článek

James Stavridis, Bloomberg (USA)

Military support, canned pork and an air base: Here’s why Denmark has been an important U.S. ally

vydáno 23. srpna 2019  10:50

President Trump canceled a visit to Denmark scheduled for next month after Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen refused to consider selling Greenland to the...  celý článek

Claire Parker, The Washington Post (USA)

Antiques road show: The real state of the U.S. military

vydáno 29. července 2019  11:25

The wars of the future may depend not so much on the kinds of things you can put on parade, but on new technologies that reimagine warfare. Adversaries have...  celý článek

Thomas G. Mahnken, Roger Zakheim, The Atlantic (USA)

Pushing Turkey out of NATO is a terrible idea

vydáno 25. července 2019  11:09

After several years of verbal jousting with the U.S., Turkey last week accepted an initial delivery of a highly advanced Russian air defense system, the S-400....  celý článek

James Stavridis, Bloomberg (USA)

NATO needs a China policy

vydáno 19. července 2019  11:37

The EU and the United States have so far adopted different approaches to China’s growing global clout, particularly in the security sphere. But this still...  celý článek

Helena Legarda, Meia Nouwens, The Diplomat (USA)

Into Putin’s arms: How a failed coup turned Turkey into NATO’s biggest headache

vydáno 19. července 2019  9:34

Arrival of Russian S-400 missile defense system probably won’t signal the end of Turkey’s military involvement with West, but will likely scupper F-35 deal...  celý článek

Anshel Pfeffer, Haaretz (Israel)

Russia’s attacks on democratic justice systems

vydáno 30. května 2019

Russia is engaged in a determined assault on Western democracies and their institutions. At its core, this is an attack on public trust and confidence. While...  celý článek

Suzanne Spaulding, Devi Nair, Arthur Nelson, CSIS (USA)

What happens if America leaves NATO? Russia wins

vydáno 27. května 2019  18:07

What would happen if the United States left NATO? The International Institute of Strategic Studies examined several scenarios in which NATO (including Canada)...  celý článek

Michael Peck, National Interest (USA)

NATO’s expansion will help stability, despite concerns about Russia

vydáno 26. května 2019  18:01

Just because a country was once occupied by the Soviet Union or under the domination of the Russian empire does not mean it is blocked from joining the...  celý článek

Luke Coffey, Arab News (Saudi Arabia)

A bigger NATO has been a better NATO

vydáno 25. května 2019  17:54

After winning the Cold War, America might have pulled out and gone home. But just as NATO expansion continued to “keep the Russians out,” it continued to “keep...  celý článek

Jeff Jacoby, The Boston Globe (USA)

Russia has won the information war in Turkey

vydáno 23. dubna 2019  17:13

The Kremlin doesn’t even need fake news to push its agenda on Turkish social media. Because domestic disinformation is rampant, Moscow has managed to infect...  celý článek

H. Akin Unver, Foreign Policy (USA)

NATO countries need to stop China from winning the 5G race

vydáno 17. dubna 2019  12:51

NATO — a collection of 29 distinct nations, each with its own approach to technological development and open vs. closed markets — has not adopted, and seems...  celý článek

David A. Andelman, CNN (USA)

Energy conjoins NATO, 70 years later

vydáno 11. dubna 2019  12:32

Nuclear weapons and oil were the concrete commodities that undergirded NATO’s creation. The formalization of the alliance came two months after the Soviets...  celý článek

John Bowlus, Energy Reporters (France)

Turkey and allies need to decouple NATO and the US

vydáno 11. dubna 2019  12:27

It is unfortunate that at a time when NATO is celebrating its 70st anniversary, Turkey’s membership to the Alliance is being put into question both inside and...  celý článek

Barcin Yinanc, Hurriet Daily News (Turkey)

Nostalgia is a national security threat

vydáno 10. dubna 2019  12:19

Within the U.S. foreign-policy community, the Cold War is particularly notable for being compressed and selectively remembered as global ideological...  celý článek

Micah Zenko, Foreign Policy (USA)

Assessing NATO’s Value

vydáno 29. března 2019  14:06

The United States was the driving proponent of NATO’s creation in 1949 and has been the unquestioned leader of the alliance as it has evolved from a regionally...  celý článek

Paul Belkin, Congressional Research Service (USA)

Nato in the age of Putin and Trump

vydáno 29. března 2019  10:54

The organisation, which was originally meant to last ten years, celebrates its 70th anniversary this month. Can it survive in the new world order?   celý článek

David Reynolds, New Statesman (USA)

To strengthen NATO, Congress must help end its reliance on Russian equipment

vydáno 28. března 2019  10:41

Eastern NATO members - the very ones on the front lines of potential hostilities with Russia - rely on Moscow to keep their equipment operational, as they have...  celý článek

Max Bergmann, Defence One (USA)

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