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Tragedy of the public good: Why the U.S. shouldn't quit NATO

vydáno 22. února 2017  12:10
Severoatlantická aliance

The Europeans aren’t the only people who benefit from the American security umbrella. The fact that the world’s biggest rich economy is willing to spend so much of its GDP on the military doesn’t...  celý článek

Megan McArdle, Bloomberg (USA)

The truth about Europe paying its ‘fair share’ for NATO

Americká obrněná brigáda dorazila do Evropy
vydáno 22. února 2017  12:03

Though the tone from the White House suggests Europe is a deadbeat partner not paying its fair share of the rent, the reality of the situation is a lot more...  celý článek

Terrell Jermaine Starr, Foxtrot Alpha (USA)

Donald Trump's demands on NATO defense spending are driving a wedge into Europe

Donald Trump
vydáno 21. února 2017  11:56

The European Union may not feel much like a family these days, but its leaders do tend to bicker like one over questions of money and pride, especially when...  celý článek

Simon Shuster, Time (USA)

Nato: Rest in peace

Severoatlantická aliance. Ilustrační foto.
vydáno 20. února 2017  11:50

September 2020: Nato began gloriously 71 years ago, with the signing of the Washington Treaty by the august representatives of 12 nations committed to defend...  celý článek

Jeremy Shapiro, The Straits Times (USA)

NATO doesn't work

Centrála NATO v Bruselu
vydáno 13. února 2017  20:05

Donald Trump deeply upset the Europeans when he raised the possibility that NATO is obsolete and that the European Union is failing. But this isn’t the first...  celý článek

George Friedman, Business Insider (USA)

Time for a change at NATO

Severoatlantická aliance. Ilustrační foto.
vydáno 1. února 2017  10:32

For the most dedicated Atlanticist, even suggesting NATO’s founding document may require some type of revision amounts to blasting the world’s most successful...  celý článek

Daniel R. Depetris, The American Conservative (USA)

Do Donald Trump’s criticisms of NATO have merit?

Donald Trump
vydáno 30. ledna 2017  10:07

Obama may have begun the process of reorienting America’s global role. But the newly inaugurated Donald Trump is busy shredding the Washington Playbook—as his...  celý článek

Simon Reich, Newsweek (USA)

Worried about NATO? Here are 3 things to watch

vydáno 27. ledna 2017  10:48

A week ago, Donald Trump told the Times of London the North American Treaty Organization (NATO) was “obsolete.” At the same time, he claimed “NATO is very...  celý článek

Sara Bjerg Moller, The washington Post (USA)

Donald Trump’s cheap talk about NATO and Europe

vydáno 20. ledna 2017  18:10

The Inciter-in-Chief has outdone himself. In an interview with the Times of London and Germany’s Bild published a few days ago, Donald Trump called nato...  celý článek

John Cassidy, The New Yorker (USA)

Ripping NATO, Trump makes Europe nervous, arms trade happy

vydáno 20. ledna 2017  17:05

Since Trump is promising to increase America's already enormous military budget too, the prospect of a European arms-shopping spree is a win-win for suppliers....  celý článek

Richard Clough, Stars and Stripes (USA)

Russia gains when Donald Trump trashes NATO

vydáno 18. ledna 2017  13:06

Many people in the United States and abroad have consoled themselves by assuming that Donald Trump’s outrageous statements were just politically driven, and...  celý článek

Editorial, New York Times (USA)

Norway, an exemplar of NATO burden-sharing

vydáno 5. ledna 2017  7:42

The incoming Trump administration, which includes retired General James “Mad Dog” Mattis as Secretary of Defense, has sent a clear message to Russian President...  celý článek

Sigurd Neubauer, Foreign Affairs (USA)

NATO is betraying its principles

vydáno 7. prosince 2016  10:19

The preamble to the North Atlantic Treaty (1949) states: "The parties of this treaty [...] are determined to safeguard the freedom [...] of their people,...  celý článek

Max Hofmann, Deutsche Welle (Germany)

4 things to know about ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis, Trump’s pick for Defense Secretary

vydáno 6. prosince 2016  10:38

President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for secretary of defense, retired four-star Marine Gen. James Mattis, is worried that the U.S. is retreating in a...  celý článek

Josh Siegel, The Daily Signal (USA)

Pripravme sa na Európu bez NATO

vydáno 6. prosince 2016  10:31

Po minuloročnej konferencii v Chateau Béla na južnom Slovensku som napísal neradostnú správu o tejto príjemnej udalosti (v anglickom origináli Mrazivý vietor...  celý článek

Edward Lucas, Dennik N (Slovensko)

Does the U.S. pay more than its fair share to its allies?

vydáno 2. prosince 2016  11:50

During the campaign, President-elect Donald Trump claimed that the United States carries a disproportionate share of the defense burden for protecting allies....  celý článek

Paul F. Diehl, Dallas News (USA)

NATO's big problem isn't Trump, it's Brexit

vydáno 28. listopadu 2016  14:25

It's not that Brexit in any way weakens the commitment of British politicians to NATO. Far from it. They have been vehemently -- and sincerely -- committing to...  celý článek

John McTernan, CNN (USA)

Trump, Putin and a nervous NATO

vydáno 15. listopadu 2016  13:23

During the 2016 election campaign, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton accused Trump of pledging to pull the United States completely out of...  celý článek

Peter Apps, Reuters (USA)

The new German White Paper 2016 – promoting greater understanding of security policy?

vydáno 15. listopadu 2016  13:16

The Federal Government aims to inform the public and its allies in NATO and the EU precisely what the intentions of its security policy are. However, the...  celý článek

Markus Kaim and Hilmar Linnenkamp, EHT Center for Security Studies (Switzerland)

Watch out Vladimir: There's a new Putin in town

vydáno 14. listopadu 2016  12:26

The Russian president has gotten a lot of mileage out of his “craziest man on the world stage” shtick. In a Trump White House, he may have met his match.  celý článek

Mark Galeotti, Foreign Policy (USA)

Now is not the time for the US to abandon Nato – nor should its European allies go it alone

vydáno 14. listopadu 2016  12:20

We need strong American leadership and Europeans to shoulder their share of the burden – but above all, we must recognise the value of our partnership.  celý článek

Jens Stoltenberg, The Guardian (United Kingdom)

Souhrn komentářů: zahraniční a bezpečnostní politika Donalda Trumpa

vydáno 10. listopadu 2016  12:22

Přinášíme výběr komentářů zveřejněných v zahraničních médiích věnovaných možnému vývoji v zahraniční a bezpečnostní politice Spojených států po nástupu Donalda...  celý článek

Souhrn zahraničních komentářů na téma zahraniční a bezpečnostní politiky Donalda Trumpa

NATO and Russia playing dangerous game with military build-up

vydáno 4. listopadu 2016  10:29

Despite the cold war atmospherics, there’s little prospect of Russian tanks rolling across the border into the Baltic states anytime soon. Rather, Russia’s...  celý článek

Luke Harding, The Guardian (United Kingdom)

The made-in-America global security and economic system still serves U.S. interests

vydáno 3. listopadu 2016  18:05

When the new president takes office next January, a world of troubles awaits. Violent extremism, irresponsible adventurism by China, an aggressive and...  celý článek

Howard J. Shatz & David A. Shlapak, RAND (USA)

In the event of a conflict, Nato would face Russian forces re-equipped and re-trained by the Syrian conflict

vydáno 31. října 2016  11:58

Russia’s exercises involving huge numbers of its troops have been accompanied by intensive practice for war in Syria. This includes using as many weapons...  celý článek

Keir Giles, The Independent (United Kingdom)

NATO needs to spell out its intentions more clearly

vydáno 13. října 2016  10:04

NATO is moving forward with its plans to set up multinational battalions in Poland and each of the three Baltic states. Estimates of the total size of this...  celý článek

Keir Giles, Newsweek (USA)

Budgetary fight in Moscow sends US-Russian relations into deep crisis

vydáno 11. října 2016  13:42

The price of oil remains depressed at under $50 per barrel. The contracted Russian economy is still stagnant. Russia cannot continue to spend on defense as...  celý článek

Pavel Felgenhauer, The Jamestown Foundation (USA)

Did a top secret threat assessment prompt Sweden to deploy troops to the Baltic island of Gotland?

vydáno 4. října 2016  20:10

In a move that surprised casual observers, the Swedish Armed Forces announced on 14 September a permanent and immediate deployment of forces to the Baltic...  celý článek

Niklas Granholm, RUSI (United Kingdom)

How Russia made NATO a party to the Ukraine conflict

vydáno 29. září 2016  20:32

One of Russia’s greatest successes in its information war over Ukraine has been its ability to portray NATO as a party to the conflict. ... In the Russian...  celý článek


Some E.U. countries got rid of the draft years ago. Now, they’re thinking about bringing it back.

vydáno 1. září 2016  18:36

Military conscription has regularly emerged as an issue of public debate in the United States, but public support for it remains low. In Europe, public opinion...  celý článek

Rick Noack, The Washington Post (USA)

A partnership between Russia and the West? Here's why it's not happening

vydáno 30. srpna 2016  18:30

In a recent interview for Defense News TV, Russia defense analyst Ruslan Pukhov of Moscow offered an interesting prospect: a union of Russia and the West could...  celý článek

Editorial, Defense News (USA)

Turkey’s Shanghai complex

vydáno 19. srpna 2016  14:37

It is barely a year since Turkish authorities came to understand that it would not be possible for a Chinese company to build Turkey’s first long range air and...  celý článek

Burak Bekdil, Hürriyet Daily News (Turkey)

NATO can do more to destroy Islamic State — if we ask

vydáno 18. srpna 2016  16:05

As Islamic State shifts its strategy, the U.S. and its allies should as well. The time has come for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to invoke its...  celý článek

Dianne Feinstein, The Wall Street Journal (USA)

NATO and Russia: Why transparency is essential

vydáno 16. srpna 2016  18:23

In close to forty years working on relations between Russia and the West – including as U.S. Ambassador to Moscow and as Deputy Secretary General of NATO –...  celý článek

Alexander Vershbow, NATO

Social media as a tool of hybrid warfare

vydáno 15. srpna 2016  16:56

Recently we have witnessed how both states and non-state actors use hybrid approaches to pursue their political and military aims, skilfully combining military...  celý článek


Ireland takes a free ride on the back of Nato as it protects us

vydáno 11. srpna 2016  18:04

Dan O'Brien, Irish Independent (Ireland) Because Ireland is located in what is probably the safest place on the planet, far from warzones and countries...  celý článek

Dan O'Brien, Irish Independent (Ireland)

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