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Get out of Incirlik!

vydáno 6. června 2017  11:03
Turecký prezident Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

According to an old saying, hope is the last thing we lose. But did anyone seriously believe that Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel could perform miracles by personally showing up in Ankara? Turkish...  celý článek

Sabine Kinkartz, Deutsche Welle (Germany)

NATO allies can spend more money, more wisely

Americký prezident Donald Trump s generálním tajemníkem NATO Jensem...
vydáno 1. června 2017  10:57

If Donald Trump and Barack Obama agree on something, does that mean it’s true? In the case of Europe’s woeful support of its collective defense, yes: Member...  celý článek

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Abandonment of NATO can’t be walked back

Americký prezident Donald Trump s generálním tajemníkem NATO Jensem...
vydáno 30. května 2017  8:36

May 25, 2017, will be remembered in Europe as the date on which an American president deliberately went out of his way to avoid an explicit commitment to the...  celý článek

Constanze Stelzenmüller, The Stars and Stripes (USA)

Russia’s goal of damaging NATO has failed

Severoatlantická aliance
vydáno 26. května 2017  12:25

European angst and American anger were on full display at this week’s NATO meeting of heads of state in Brussels. Though hardly a love-fest, differences belied...  celý článek

Aurel Braun, The Globe and Mail (Canada)

Is NATO getting too big to succeed?

Centrála NATO v Bruselu
vydáno 26. května 2017  12:20

NATO should not be in the business of extending territorial guarantees to countries that are deep into Russia’s periphery and therefore very difficult to...  celý článek

Charles A. Kupchan, The New York Times (USA)

The message NATO needs to hear from Trump

Donald Trump
vydáno 24. května 2017  20:45

As President Donald Trump prepares to meet his counterparts for the first time at NATO headquarters in Brussels this week, it is worth recalling Obama’s...  celý článek

Douglas Lute, Foreign Policy (USA)

Brussels-bound Trump armed with demands for NATO

Severoatlantická aliance. Ilustrační foto.
vydáno 24. května 2017  20:30

When President Donald Trump arrives at NATO headquarters on Thursday, allies will be under intense pressure to live up to demands from an American...  celý článek

John Vandiver, Stars and Stripes (USA)

A new transatlantic security bargain

vydáno 23. května 2017  21:09

Given the history, it may be tempting to dismiss President Donald Trump’s on-and-off admonishments of NATO as inconsequential. But the alliance is not immune...  celý článek

Tomáš Valášek, Carnegie Europe (Belgium)

5 reasons Trump should send more troops to Afghanistan

vydáno 23. května 2017  13:11

As the Trump Administration wrestles with locations, numbers and missions for American combat deployments globally, one perennial has re-emerged near the top...  celý článek

James Stavridis, Time (USA)

NATO frantically tries to Trump-proof President’s first visit

vydáno 19. května 2017  10:37

On May 25, NATO will host the heads of state of all 28 member countries in what will be Trump’s first face-to-face summit with an alliance he bashed repeatedly...  celý článek

Robbie Grammer, Foreign Policy (USA)

Russian intelligence is at (political) war

vydáno 12. května 2017  20:43

It is inevitable and understandable that we rely on mirror-imaging when looking at Russia’s security and intelligence services. The problem is that – however...  celý článek

Mark Galeotti, NATO Review (Belgium)

Turkey’s role in Syria raises serious questions about Nato’s future

vydáno 8. května 2017  18:28

Despite recent Nato’s assurances to Trump that the military alliance will begin to reorient its mission on counterterrorism, there remains skepticism – it is...  celý článek

Christina Lin, Asia Times (Thailand)

Why we need NATO - in a single bullet

vydáno 6. května 2017  18:13

An alliance, like any collaboration, doesn't work simply because its members agree on a course of action. It requires much more: Standardization of equipment...  celý článek

Thomas Levenson, The Boston Globe (USA)

Déja vu: Why is Russia back in Afghanistan?

vydáno 4. května 2017  18:39

Russia is revisiting one of the key Cold War proxy battlegrounds, Afghanistan, where 15,000 of its Red Army soldiers died fighting the American-backed...  celý článek

Amie Ferris-Rotman, Haaretz (Israel)

Making Afghanistan great again

vydáno 4. května 2017  18:11

President Donald Trump will soon have to decide what to do about Afghanistan. After weeks of wrangling inside his national security cabinet, top officials on...  celý článek

Eli Lake, Bloomberg (USA)

Why NATO wants Montenegro (not for its military might)

vydáno 2. května 2017  18:04

Late last week, Montenegro's parliament voted to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, adding perhaps the most militarily useless member to the...  celý článek

Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg (USA)

Three 'black holes' facing NATO: strategy, Russia, weapons

vydáno 1. května 2017

Black holes are not merely matters of physics. Strategic black holes may be even more confounding than those found in deep space. NATO, thus far history's most...  celý článek

Harlan Ullman & Arnaud de Borchgrave, UPI (USA)

Cyber attacks ten years on: from disruption to disinformation

vydáno 27. dubna 2017  15:33

Today is the tenth anniversary of the world’s first major coordinated “cyber attack” on a nation’s internet infrastructure. This little-known event set the...  celý článek

Tom Sear, The Conversation (United Kingdom)

‘We’re eating the Mercedes’

vydáno 26. dubna 2017  11:58

Dozens of Turkish NATO officers stationed in Belgium, and scores more across Europe, were among the tens of thousands who were purged from their jobs in the...  celý článek

David M. Herszenhorn, Politico (Belgium)

Assessing the Alliance’s counter-terrorism efforts

vydáno 25. dubna 2017  11:46

NATO’s counter-terrorism efforts have been the focus of much attention in recent months. Faced with a U.S. ultimatum that Washington might “moderate its...  celý článek

Hajnalka Vincze, The Jamestown Foundation (USA)

Big data exposes big falsehoods

vydáno 24. dubna 2017  11:40

Analysis by Semantic Visions reveals intriguing differences between Russian and Western commentary about the shooting down of an airliner in 2014.  celý článek

John Pollock, MIT Technology Review (USA)

Trump's previous view of NATO is now obsolete

vydáno 19. dubna 2017  11:35

After weeks of being lobbied, cajoled and educated by the leaders of Britain and Germany, not to mention “my generals,” as he likes to call his national...  celý článek

Peter Baker, New York Times (USA)

Russia’s Afghan peace initiative seen as undermining NATO mission

vydáno 12. dubna 2017  12:10

Russia’s decision to proceed with a meeting this week aimed at ending the 16-year war in Afghanistan could further strain its ties with Washington — a...  celý článek

Phillip Walter Wellman, Stars and Stripes (USA)

The new NATO-Russia military balance: implications for European security

vydáno 17. března 2017  11:09

Twenty-five years after the end of the Cold War, the military balance between NATO and Russia, after years of inattention, has again become the focus of...  celý článek

Richard Sokolsky, Carnegie (USA)

Turkey's troubled NATO status

vydáno 15. března 2017  10:36

All in all, Turkey appears to have more disputes than friendships with its NATO allies. And its engagement with the alliance itself, which it joined in 1952,...  celý článek

Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg (USA)

The real problems with NATO

vydáno 8. března 2017  12:37

NATO needs reform. Washington’s recipe for what needs to be done, however, which largely consists of getting the Europeans to adhere to rigid defense spending...  celý článek

Jonathan Eyal, Foreign Affairs (USA)

Our NATO partners should engage Trump in Brussels

vydáno 3. března 2017  19:55

President Donald Trump’s decision to attend a NATO meeting in Brussels in late May provides an opportunity for the alliance to reconstitute the trans-Atlantic...  celý článek

Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, Hans Binnendijk, Newsweek (USA)

Seven deadly myths of U.S. defense spending

vydáno 1. března 2017  18:49

For decades, the U.S. has stabilized the international order, in part by maintaining a preponderance of military power. Yet today, America is approaching...  celý článek

Hal Brands, Bloomberg (USA)

It’s time for Europe’s militaries to grow up

vydáno 24. února 2017  15:10

The recurring concern with European defense spending is understandable, but it mostly misses the point. Why? Because the fundamental problem isn’t inadequate...  celý článek

Stephen M. Walt, Foreign Policy (USA)

Tragedy of the public good: Why the U.S. shouldn't quit NATO

vydáno 22. února 2017  12:10

The Europeans aren’t the only people who benefit from the American security umbrella. The fact that the world’s biggest rich economy is willing to spend so...  celý článek

Megan McArdle, Bloomberg (USA)

The truth about Europe paying its ‘fair share’ for NATO

vydáno 22. února 2017  12:03

Though the tone from the White House suggests Europe is a deadbeat partner not paying its fair share of the rent, the reality of the situation is a lot more...  celý článek

Terrell Jermaine Starr, Foxtrot Alpha (USA)

Donald Trump's demands on NATO defense spending are driving a wedge into Europe

vydáno 21. února 2017  11:56

The European Union may not feel much like a family these days, but its leaders do tend to bicker like one over questions of money and pride, especially when...  celý článek

Simon Shuster, Time (USA)

Nato: Rest in peace

vydáno 20. února 2017  11:50

September 2020: Nato began gloriously 71 years ago, with the signing of the Washington Treaty by the august representatives of 12 nations committed to defend...  celý článek

Jeremy Shapiro, The Straits Times (USA)

NATO doesn't work

vydáno 13. února 2017  20:05

Donald Trump deeply upset the Europeans when he raised the possibility that NATO is obsolete and that the European Union is failing. But this isn’t the first...  celý článek

George Friedman, Business Insider (USA)

Time for a change at NATO

vydáno 1. února 2017  10:32

For the most dedicated Atlanticist, even suggesting NATO’s founding document may require some type of revision amounts to blasting the world’s most successful...  celý článek

Daniel R. Depetris, The American Conservative (USA)

Do Donald Trump’s criticisms of NATO have merit?

vydáno 30. ledna 2017  10:07

Obama may have begun the process of reorienting America’s global role. But the newly inaugurated Donald Trump is busy shredding the Washington Playbook—as his...  celý článek

Simon Reich, Newsweek (USA)

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