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    Beyond Ukraine: NATO solidarity in a time of crisis

    Severoatlantická rada

    When the late Czech President Vaclav Havel received an invitation to join the North Atlantic Treaty...

    NATO-based nuclear weapons are an advantage in a dangerous world

    Severoatlantická aliance

    When NATO’s leaders gather in Wales in early September, they will address several issues critical...

    NATO’s crucial summit

    Severoatlantická aliance. Ilustrační foto.

    Just weeks before its scheduled September 4 summit in Wales, NATO is bogged down in bureaucratic...

    Each Nato ally has to pull its weight after Russia’s threats

    Generální tajmeník NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen během brífingu po jednání...

    Ever since the collapse of communism, Nato has made efforts to engage with Moscow, offering more...

    Nato puts brakes on enlargement

    Centrála NATO v Bruselu

    Just like the European Union, it seems that Nato is also suffering from enlargement fatigue. Unlike...

    The silent agenda for NATO’s next boss

    Jens Stoltenberg, generální tajemník NATO

    As NATO heads toward an awkwardly timed summit in early September in South Wales, one former...

    Dwindling US troop numbers in Europe leaves NATO in a quandary

    Příslušníci americké 173. výsadkové brigády v Polsku

    Russia's incursion in Ukraine has breathed new life into an old debate -- how much Europe should...

    NATO should buy French-built warships

    Francouzská výsadková loď třídy Mistral.

    Today, in a shipyard in northwest France, two warships are receiving finishing touches. These ships...

    Putin's NATO fears are groundless

    Ruský prezident Vladimir Putin.

    President Vladimir Putin appears to have a NATO phobia. He has repeatedly raised the specter of...

    U.S. needs new bases in Central Europe

    Příslušníci americké 173. výsadkové brigády v Polsku

    President Obama sounded the right notes in Warsaw last week when he reassured Central Europeans of...

    Everything you need to know about NATO

    Severoatlantická aliance

    The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, a Cold War cornerstone of transatlantic security, has...

    Kosovo and Crimea – what’s the difference?

    Ozbrojenec bez označení před základnou ukrajinských sil na Krymu

    The only discussion of principle emerging from the debates over Kosovar and Crimean independence is...

    Russia's goal in Ukraine remains the same: To keep NATO out

    Ruský prezident Vladimir Putin.

    The key to anticipating Russia’s next moves in Ukraine is to understand that its policy has been...

    Should Finland and Sweden join NATO?

    Sídlo švédské vlády ve Stockholmu. Ilustrační foto.

    Every week, a selection of leading experts answer a new question from Judy Dempsey on the foreign...

    EU and NATO engagement with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization: Afghanistan as a pilot

    Zasedání Šanghajské organizace spolupráce v Jekatěrinburku v roce 2009.

    Western military forces are finally leaving Afghanistan. However, NATO and the European Union are...

    NATO's biggest mistake

    Severoatlantická aliance. Ilustrační foto.

    In 2014, Western officials are learning about their strategic errors the hard way. They have come...

    Russia forced to react to NATO’s eastward enlargement

    Ruský ministr zahraničí Sergej Lavrov.

    NATO has repeatedly blamed Russia for the escalation of tensions in Ukraine and building up arms...

    Why NATO is such a thorn in Russia's side

    Britský torpédoborec HMS Dragon sleduje ruskou válečnou loď Kulakov

    Fear of the Western military alliance's steady march east is deep-rooted. It strikes at the very...

    Norway’s lessons for NATO

    Norské válečné námořnictvo

    Norwegians believe NATO has become so bloated and incoherent that any state wishing to truly count...

    Does Putin plan to test NATO in Latvia?

    Ruský prezident Vladimir Putin.

    Given Putin’s past declarations about what he sees as the illegitimacy of NATO’s expansion eastward...

    Should Finland join NATO?

    Finský prezident Sauli Niinistö se zdraví s generálním tajemníkem NATO Andersem

    The prime minister of Finland, Jyrki Katainen of the National Coalition Party, made headlines...

    Is an Asian NATO possible?

    Čínská armáda

    A future NATO-like organization in Asia seems more likely than a European NATO seemed at the end of...

    NATO’s back in business, thanks to Russia’s threat to Ukraine

    Severoatlantická aliance

    Back in 1993, during the earliest days of the Clinton Administration, Senator Richard Lugar of the...

    Saving NATO with airpower

    Letouny F-35B při testovacím přistání na letadlové lodi

    When the United States Air Force recently modified the definition of airpower to include air,...

    Washington should not defend Ukraine or expand NATO: U.S. should shift responsibility for Europe's defense to Europe

    21. století má být pro Americku stoletím Tichomoří.

    In fact, alliances can encourage confrontation by emboldening weaker, sometimes irresponsible...

    Lessons from Libya: How not to intervene

    Norský letoun F-16 na základně Sauda na Krétě během operace Unified Protector.

    The top U.S. representatives to the transatlantic alliance declared that "NATO's operation in Libya...

    Is NATO expansion to blame for Crimean crisis?

    Centrála NATO v Bruselu

    The West's relations with Russia are at an historic low. This comes after years of NATO's...

    The NATO panic over Ukraine

    Ozbrojenec bez označení před základnou ukrajinských sil na Krymu

    Granted, the crisis in Ukraine is worrisome, Vladimir Putin's behavior is unpredictable, and the...

    West must prepare for a long struggle with Russia

    Vladimir Putin

    With Russian troops still massed near Ukraine’s borders, some in Washington are debating whether...

    Russia’s aggression in Crimea brings NATO into renewed focus

    Úřadující ukrajinský premiér Arsenij Jaceňuk s generálním tajemníkem NATO...

    Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. swept into Poland and the Baltic nations on Tuesday with a...

    NATO’s strategic ace: Vladimir Putin

    Ruský prezident Vladimir Putin.

    The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) was on the road to irrelevance. The most successful...

    Formally recognize Ukraine, prepare NATO troops

    Tank Leopard II polské armády během cvičení Sil rychlé reakce NATO

    The strategy of the West regarding Russian aggression in Ukraine should be to complicate Vladimir...

    How should U.S. and NATO respond to Russia over Ukraine?

    Generální tajemník NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

    Any discussion of U.S. tactics has to start with the realization that Russia holds most of the...

    Ukraine crisis gives NATO, West no good options

    Vladimir Putin a Barack Obama před zasedáním skupiny G20 v Petrohradě.

    With Western powers increasingly concluding Ukraine has lost Crimea to Russia, the U.S. and its...

    The Ukraine crisis: John Kerry and Nato must calm down and back off

    Ministr zahraničí USA John Kerry

    Ukrainian government's plea for Nato aid mark a dangerous escalation of a crisis that can easily be...

    NATO needs to move now on Crimea

    Severoatlantická aliance

    News reports indicate the Russian military has seized Crimea. This is a volatile, dangerous...

    Barista i záchranář u kanónu

    Říjen 2019

    Poprvé v historii nechala armáda záložáky pálit z kanónů ostrými

    Dny NATO v Ostravě

    Září 2019

    Dny NATO navštívilo 220 tisíc lidí, ukázaly i nové vrtulníky pro armádu.

    Továrna na instruktory

    Červenec 2019

    Britský poradní tým s pomocí Čechů vyškolil už přes 9 500 vojenských instruktorů.

    Mraky prachu, vedro a léčky

    Červen 2019

    Jak vypadá příprava českých vojáků na misi v africkém Mali.

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