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    Unterstanding the Malian crisis from a Euro-Atlantic perspective

    Malijské vládní jednotky

    From a NATO perspectove, what role shoul the Alliance play in this area, if any? While the African...

    U.S. must seize opportunity of Polish modernization

    Tank Anders pro polskou armádu

    Boasting the seventh-largest army in Europe, Poland is dramatically increasing defense...

    Hagel's hearing: profoundly depressing

    Kandidát na post ministra obrany USA Chuck Hagel

    Watching the Senate Armed Services Committee interact Thursday with former Republican Senator Chuck...

    NATO RIP - Can NATO RIP be made to mean "Rejuvenation, Insurance and Protection"?

    Severoatlantická aliance

    A recent half-day conference at a major Washington think tank on "the budget and U.S. defense...

    France in Mali: What risk for the 'new' Hollande?

    Francois Hollande

    As French troops continue to engage Islamist rebels in Mali, questions are being raised over how...

    'NATO must make a humanitarian intervention in Syria'

    Sýrie (ilustrační foto)

    "All international actors have a moral responsibility to end the humanitarian crisis facing the...

    Rasmussen: ‘No role for NATO in Mali’

    Generální tajemník NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

    "NATO can’t be the world’s policeman, travelling from country to country, solving all the problems....

    Austerity haunts NATO's future

    Severoatlantická aliance. Ilustrační foto.

    NATO members may be forced to provide more security with fewer resources in the age of austerity,...

    Making sense of Mali's armed groups

    Islamističtí povstalci v Mali

    Al-Qaeda gets the most attention, but local groups and ethnic fighters are part of a complicated...

    Defense Specialization: Indispensable or Unachievable?

    Zasedání ministrů obrany NATO v Bruselu

    If organizations such as NATO are to maintain their future effectiveness, their members must divide...

    France and NATO

    Francois Hollande

    At the last NATO summit in Chicago, very soon after he took office, President François Hollande set...

    Patriot policy in Turkey shows NATO solidarity

    Systém Patriot
    5.12.2012aktualizováno  14:06

    NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen has supported the Turkish government's argument, stating that...

    Can the rebels ever win in Syria?

    Záběry z bojů v syrském městě Homs

    The unrest in Syria broke out more than a year and a half ago, in March 2011. Rebel groups, now...

    War by all means – How the IDF fights in 2012

    Izraelská střela Arrow pro ničení balistických raket

    Israel has taken a new tactic in the current round of violence, centered both in the air and in...

    Obama, Congress should push NATO missile defense program off 'fiscal cliff'

    Protiraketový systém Patriot. Ilustrační snímek

    As the automatic defense spending cuts loom, President Obama and Congress should cancel the flawed,...

    Redrawing the Middle East map: Iran, Syria and the new Cold War

    Sýrie (ilustrační foto)

    The increasingly painful waiting game is escalating global tension, and linking the Middle East...

    Removing Brigade Combat Teams from Europe undercuts NATO allies

    Příslušníci americké armády na cvičení v Evropě (ilustrační foto)

    The U.S. simply cannot project the same degree of power with rotational forces that it does with...

    NATO needs strength of robust European and U.S. economies

    Summit NATO v Chicagu

    One thing is clear — the challenges facing the alliance are so substantial that we'll need more...

    Don’t forget NATO

    Nobelova cena

    By creating economic interdependence and then building deep political, cultural and societal ties,...

    NATO must offer Turkey military support in Syria crisis

    Generální tajemník NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen s tureckým premiérem Recepem

    Turkey has twice turned to NATO for support in the face of attacks from Syria. But the...

    Europe risks giving up on defence

    Britská letadlová loď HMS Ark Royal

    In June last year, Robert Gates, the then US defence secretary, made a speech in Brussels on...

    As U.N. falters, Syria's conflict threatens regional stability

    Sýrie (ilustrační foto)

    Yet Washington and its NATO allies could now be forced to place a significant number of troops on...

    The right way for Turkey to intervene in Syria

    Turecká armáda. Ilustrační snímek

    [The current situation] leaves Turkey with the status quo - retaliating to Syrian artillery fire by...

    The Syrian crisis: Why the international community cannot afford to ‘watch’

    Demonstrace v Damašku (ilustrační foto)

    It is obvious now that Syrian efforts to keep the conflict away from the Turkish border are beyond...

    NATO’s treaty obligations to Turkey: theory and practice

    Severoatlantická aliance. Ilustrační foto.

    With the violence in Syria spilling into Turkey; Turkey as a NATO member has the right to call on...

    How different would a Romney foreign policy be?

    Mitt Romney na návštěvě základny Bagram v Afghánistánu.

    How different would Romney's foreign policy likely be from Obama's? Probably not much. Here are...

    A dangerous new world of drones

    Bezpilotní letoun Predator

    As drone technology becomes more widely accessible, it is only a matter of time before...

    Why does NATO need bases in Afghanistan?

    Letecká základna NATO v Kandaháru (ilustrační foto)

    Moscow intends to find out the future of NATO military contingents in Afghanistan after 2014. The...

    Facing an inconvenient truth

    Libyjci oslavují pád Kaddáfího režimu

    NATO leaders proclaimed themselves satisfied that the ends in Libya had been met, a brutal dictator...

    NATO steps on to the global stage

    Summit NATO v Chicagu

    What should an alliance do when its leading member and dominant pillar decides to shift its focus...

    How NATO expansion makes America less safe

    Generální tajemník NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen se při návštěvě Gruzie pozdravil

    The [2008 Georgia] war offers a dramatic reminder why NATO expansion is bad for America. At the...

    Shootings by Afghan forces take growing toll on NATO troops

    Afghánští vojáci na hlídce (ilustrační foto)

    According to media accounts of such incidents, many of the "green-on-blue" attacks appear to have...

    Putin’s clever plan to keep NATO in Afghanistan

    Ruský prezident Vladimir Putin.

    Putin may detest NATO and distrust the U.S. such that it colors his judgment -- for example on...

    NATO supply deal, finally

    Zásobování zahraničních jednotek v Afghánistánu.

    In a display of exquisite timing, Pakistan and the US signed the long delayed agreement on the...

    Afghanistan war: When 'friends' attack, who can you trust?

    Síly ISAF v Kábulu. Ilustrační foto.

    In Afghanistan, our soldiers are being attacked by the men they're training to take over for them....

    Syria crisis: A collision course for intervention

    Záběry z bojů v syrském městě Homs

    The Syrian crisis took a decisive new turn on 25 July. President Bashar al-Assad’s own future is...

    Barista i záchranář u kanónu

    Říjen 2019

    Poprvé v historii nechala armáda záložáky pálit z kanónů ostrými

    Dny NATO v Ostravě

    Září 2019

    Dny NATO navštívilo 220 tisíc lidí, ukázaly i nové vrtulníky pro armádu.

    Továrna na instruktory

    Červenec 2019

    Britský poradní tým s pomocí Čechů vyškolil už přes 9 500 vojenských instruktorů.

    Mraky prachu, vedro a léčky

    Červen 2019

    Jak vypadá příprava českých vojáků na misi v africkém Mali.

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