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The West has a crucial ally in Qatar

Vydáno 05.05.2022
Ben Hodges and Sam Mundy, The Wall Street Journal (USA)
An emergency in one region can also reveal the value of partners in another. Since last July’s troubling Afghanistan exit, the Biden administration has struggled to land a signature foreign-policy win in the Middle East. President Biden did, however, upgrade one key strategic relationship with a critical ally in the Gulf: Qatar. This was an important reordering of America’s hierarchy of allies that could form a solution to Europe’s dependence on Russian energy.  

Americký prezident Joe Biden na summitu NATO 2021 v Bruselu | foto: NATO Photos

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Ben Hodges and Sam Mundy / The West Has a Crucial Ally in Qatar. In: The Wall Street Journal, 1. 5. 2022.


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Ben Hodges and Sam Mundy
The Wall Street Journal (USA)