This is Putin’s war. But America and NATO aren’t innocent bystanders.

22. února 2022  11:48
Thomas L. Friedman, The New York Times (USA)
The only place to be for understanding this war is inside Russian President Vladimir Putin’s head. Putin is the most powerful, unchecked Russian leader since Stalin, and the timing of this war is a product of his ambitions, strategies and grievances. But, with all of that said, America is not entirely innocent of fueling his fires. How so? Putin views Ukraine’s ambition to leave his sphere of influence as both a strategic loss and a personal and national humiliation.  

Ruský prezident Vladimír Putin | foto:

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Thomas L. Friedman / This Is Putin’s War. But America and NATO Aren’t Innocent Bystanders. In: The New York Times, 21. 2. 2022.


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Thomas L. Friedman
The New York Times (USA)
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