The North Atlantic community renewed: Challenges, trends, and solutions

22. února 2021  18:32
Richard D. Hooker, Jr., Atlantic Council (USA)
With 900 million people and $1 trillion in defense spending, the United States and Europe represent by far the largest, oldest, and most capable economic and security community in the world. Today, that community is challenged by trends that, if unchecked, threaten to damage or disrupt this vital relationship, with dangerous consequences for not only the North Atlantic region, but other nations around the world. The advent of a new US administration provides an opportunity to reverse these trends, and to strengthen and improve transatlantic relations in the interests of common defense, security, economic prosperity, and global stability.  

Sídlo Severoatlantické aliance v Bruselu | foto: NATO Photos

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Richard D. Hooker, Jr. / The North Atlantic community renewed: Challenges, trends, and solutions. In: Atlantic Council, 16. 2. 2021.


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Richard D. Hooker, Jr.
Atlantic Council (USA)
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