That other war in the Middle East — the Russia-Turkey standoff

14. prosince 2015  9:09
Brian Stewart, CBC News (Canada)
Turkey is supposedly a key block in the anti-ISIS coalition, so evidence of such dealings would be a serious blow to unity, to put it mildly. But while the U.S. and European allies have denounced Russia's charges, the cries of "outrageous" are not as firm as Ankara may have expected. That's because NATO leaders are in a hyper-awkward position at the moment, precisely because they have their own questions — bordering on doubts — about Erdogan's commitment to fight ISIS. For years they've been frustrated by the ease with which thousands of ISIS recruits, including Canadians, passed through Turkey on their way to jihad in Syria or Iraq.  

Turecký premiér Ahmet Davutoglu | foto: NATO Photos

Brian Stewart
CBC News (Canada)
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