NATO will stop bombing Libya but won’t leave

28. října 2011  23:13
Yelena Suponina, RIA Novosti (Russia)
NATO’s war in Libya will come to an end on October 31, 2011. Preparations are currently underway. On Thursday, the UN Security Council passed a resolution announcing that Libya’s air space will be open to both NATO aircraft and local airliners starting next Monday. This resolution ends the no-fly zone introduced by the Security Council in mid March, just two days before the war. The draft resolution, proposed jointly by Russia and Britain, was unanimously approved. Does this mean that the war in Libya is over? Will NATO forces really leave? How can the Security Council make the decision to end a war it did not start?  
Centrála NATO v Bruselu | foto: NATO

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Suponina, Yelena (2011): NATO will stop bombing Libya but won’t leave. RIA Novosti, 28.10.2011

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Yelena Suponina
RIA Novosti (Russia)
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