Nato’s weapons stockpiles need urgent replenishment

2. února 2023  11:04
The Editirial Board, The Financial Times (USA)
Russia’s war against Ukraine has been a sobering wake-up call for western militaries. Three decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall, they are discovering they are ill-prepared for a full-intensity conflict like that in Ukraine or the one that China may unleash against Taiwan. Russia’s onslaught has turned into an attritional struggle with ghastly echoes of the first world war, albeit with more modern arms.  

Vlak s municí a zbraněmi na Ukrajinu (27. února 2022) | foto: Armáda ČR

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The Editirial Board / Nato’s weapons stockpiles need urgent replenishment. In: The Financial Times, 31. 3. 2023.


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The Editirial Board
The Financial Times (USA)
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