NATO’s focus on China is too narrow

5. dubna 2021  12:36
Hans Binnendijk, Defense News (USA)
China will have a prominent place in NATO’s emerging new Strategic Concept. But many of America’s trans-Atlantic partners still take a fairly narrow view of China’s military impact on the alliance. ... A report released recently by the Atlantic Council, called “The China Plan: A Transatlantic Blueprint for Strategic Competition,” makes the case that this Euro-centric view misses four interrelated elements that could have a profound impact on NATO.  

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Hans Binnendijk / NATO’s focus on China is too narrow. In: Defense News, 3. 4. 2021.



The G7 and NATO won’t cut it: Why a new alliance is needed

Andrew Latham, The Hill (USA)

The proposed [G7] renovation would involve an expansion of the group’s membership and a refocusing of its efforts. The resulting institution, tentatively dubbed the D-10, would essentially be an informal mechanism for the world’s 10 most important democracies – the G7 states plus India, Japan and South Korea – to cooperatively manage the rules-based international order and to address some of the challenges to that order posed by today’s China.

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Andrew Latham / The G7 and NATO won’t cut it: Why a new alliance is needed. In: The Hill, 3. 4. 2021.


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