NATO isn’t dead, but it’s ailing

12. listopadu 2019  10:31
Walter Russell Mead, The Wall Street Journal (USA)
NATO is brain-dead. So said French President Emmanuel Macron in an interview published last week. He’s not wholly wrong. A generation after the collapse of communism, the Western alliance that won the Cold War is adrift and confused. The trans-Atlantic gap is wider than ever, and the fissures between Brexit-minded Britain, Gaullist France and an increasingly powerful Germany seem to deepen and grow from year to year.  
Sídlo Severoatlantické aliance v Bruselu | foto: NATO Photos

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Walter Russell Mead / NATO Isn’t Dead, but It’s Ailing. In: The Wall Street Journal, 11. 11. 2019.


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Walter Russell Mead
The Wall Street Journal (USA)
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