Is NATO finally in Finland’s future?

30. března 2022  11:42
Teri Schultz, Deutsche Welle (Germany)
What line won’t the Kremlin cross? Nobody knows anymore, not even in a country like Finland, which has much experience in reading Russia’s signals. Stretching over 1,300 kilometers, Finland’s eastern frontier is the European Union’s longest border with Russia. It has been peaceful between the countries since the end of World War II. But, now that Russia has — without provocation — attacked another sovereign neighbor, Finns aren’t taking their situation for granted.  

Letouny F-18 Hornet finských vzdušných sil | foto: Ilmavoimat

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Teri Schultz / Is NATO finally in Finland’s future? In: Deutsche Welle, 28. 3. 2022.


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Teri Schultz
Deutsche Welle (Germany)
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