For members only the consequences of the Caspian Summit’s foreign military ban

1. září 2015  12:16
Megan Munoz, Diplomatic Intelligence (France)
Last September brought with it major changes to the hotly contested Caspian Sea region. These changes were revealed at the IV Caspian Summit held on September 29th in Astrakhan, Russia. Of the greatest significance was the unanimous vote by the “Caspian 5” (Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, and Kazakhstan) to no longer allow foreign military presence in the Caspian region and that all issues that were to arise would be solved between the littoral states only.  

Dohoda o omezení zahraničních vojenských aktivit okolo Kaspického moře umožňuje Rusku posílit svůj vliv v oblasti. | foto: Vláda RF

Megan Munoz
Diplomatic Intelligence (France)
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