Exercise Trident Juncture is a response to Russian aggression

23. října 2018  11:15
James Amedeo, Nathan Faucett, The Hill (USA)
The goal of the drills isn’t simply tactical. Although Alliance officials have stopped short of saying so explicitly – when asked if the NATO exercise is practice for war with Russia, Admiral James Foggo III demurred by saying that the exercise's mission is to prove that NATO "is capable of deterring any adversary” – the geopolitical message of Trident Juncture is clear: NATO is ramping up its ability to respond to Russian aggression.  

NATO - Rusko. | foto: NATO Photos

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James Amedeo, Nathan Faucett / Exercise Trident Juncture is a response to Russian aggression. In: The Hill, 22.10. 2018.


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James Amedeo, Nathan Faucett
The Hill (USA)
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