Estonian president: NATO and EU can’t carry on like it’s peacetime

21. února 2024  17:38
Alar Karis, Politico (Belgium)
A billboard recently erected in Ivangorod, just across Estonia’s border with Russia, reads: “Granitsy Rossii nigde ne zakanchivayetsya” — Russia’s borders are endless. This perfectly highlights just how much Europe and Russia differ in their mindset and values. Russia’s invasion came as no surprise to us. Russia seizes anything left unguarded. Therefore, we must leave nothing unguarded.  

Estonský prezident Alar Karis (11. ledna 2024) | foto:

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Alar Karis / NATO and EU can’t carry on like it’s peacetime. In: Politico, 19. 2. 2024.


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Alar Karis
Politico (Belgium)
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