Emmanuel Macron is right: NATO is over

8. listopadu 2019  12:27
Jacob Heilbrunn, The Washington Post (USA)
On the eve of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and a scant month before NATO celebrates its 70th anniversary in London, French President Emmanuel Macron is disrupting the party. During an interview published on Thursday in the Economist, Macron blew a loud raspberry at the military alliance, declaring that Donald Trump’s presidency has inflicted “brain death” upon it. Ooh la la! … The truth is that Macron has it right. The surprising thing isn’t that NATO is on artificial life support. It’s that the alliance has lasted as long as it has.  
Francouzský prezident Emmanuel Macron na schůzce lídrů NATO v Bruselu | foto: NATO Photos

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Jacob Heilbrunn / Emmanuel Macron is right: NATO is over. In: The Washington Post, 8.11. 2019.


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Jacob Heilbrunn
The Washington Post (USA)
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