Downing of Russian jet hardly a surprise

27. listopadu 2015  11:42
Justin Bronk, Al Jazeera (Qatar)
Turkish authorities claim that the Su-24 fighter bomber ignored repeated warnings over the course of five minutes on Tuesday and was then shot down after violating Turkish airspace near Yayladagi, Hatay. Russia claims that the Su-24 did not cross the Syria-Turkey border and was, therefore, illegally attacked. Turkey shoots down Russian jet on Syrian border This version of events, however, does not fit with an established pattern of repeated violations of NATO airspace by Russian military aircraft over the past 18 months.  

Ruský letoun Su-24 startuje k úderům z letiště v syrském Hmeimimu | foto: Ruské ministerstvo obrany

Justin Bronk
Al Jazeera (Qatar)
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