Does Turkey still belong in NATO?

29. března 2016  11:34
The New York Times (USA)
Turkey is one of the oldest and most strategically located members of NATO. But when its president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, visits Washington this week to attend the Nuclear Security Summit, he won't be meeting with President Obama. That's an indication of how his increasingly autocratic rule has alienated his allies. There is no formal mechanism for NATO to expel a member, but given Erdogan's record on human rights and how his focus on the rebellious Kurdish minority has interfered with his fight against ISIS, does Turkey still belong in the alliance?  

Turecká armáda. Ilustrační snímek. | foto: Turecké ministerstvo obrany

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Does Turkey Still Belong in NATO? In: The New York Times (USA), 29.3. 2016.


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