Assessing the Alliance’s counter-terrorism efforts

25. dubna 2017  11:46
Hajnalka Vincze, The Jamestown Foundation (USA)
NATO’s counter-terrorism efforts have been the focus of much attention in recent months. Faced with a U.S. ultimatum that Washington might “moderate its commitment” to the Alliance, member states have sought ways to demonstrate that the organization plays a significant part in global counter-terrorism efforts and that it could do even more. However, although the Alliance has a role — one recognized, to the relief of Europeans, by President Donald Trump when he declared NATO “no longer obsolete” — it is one constrained by political boundaries and limitations that are unlikely to fall away anytime soon.  

Severoatlantická aliance. Ilustrační foto. | foto: NATO Photos

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Hajnalka Vincze / NATO: Assessing the Alliance’s Counter-Terrorism Efforts. In: The Jamestown Foundation, 21.4. 2017.


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Hajnalka Vincze
The Jamestown Foundation (USA)
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