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What if Putin is not looking to end this war?

Vydáno 11.04.2022
Carter Edwards, Strategic Policy (USA)
The analytic consensus in the West is that Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine was a huge mistake which he must now regret. The attack has been a costly failure and Putin is now looking for an exit strategy. The latest evidence is Russia’s retreat from Kiev, with the suggestion of a shift to more limited war aims – the capture of Donbas. Whether this picture is correct or very wrong matters greatly. It will determine Western policy – based on perceptions on who is “winning” – and therefore how this war plays out. But more importantly, it bears on the long-range strategic decisions required of Western leaders as world stability teeters on the brink of chaos.  

Zničený ruský tank T-72 v Makarivu poblíž Kyjeva | foto: @UAWeapons

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Carter Edwards / What if Putin is not looking to end this war? In: Strategic Policy, 3. 4. 2022.


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Carter Edwards
Strategic Policy (USA)