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    Two foundations for a successful NATO summit

    11. července 2018  10:04
    Ensuring a successful NATO summit requires getting the fundamentals right. Namely, NATO should focus on the ongoing and real threat from Russia at the Brussels Summit, and European allies should continue to show improvements in defense spending.  

    Summit NATO v Bruselu 2018. | foto: NATO


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    Two foundations for a successful NATO summit

    Daniel Kochis
    10.7. 2018, DefenseNews (USA)


    Trump’s NATO trip shows ‘America First’ is ‘America Alone’

    Ishaan Tharoor
    11.7. 2018, Washington Post (USA)

    President Trump arrived in Brussels with a clear message: It is time America stopped footing Europe’s bill. His complaint is not new for European leaders, who have weathered Trump’s attacks on the transatlantic system for more than a year, but it is becoming more and more troubling. The NATO summit that starts Wednesday will be shadowed entirely by Trump’s irritation with the alliance and the inability or unwillingness of many of its members to set their military budgets at the recommended 2 percent of gross domestic product.


    Trump is right to lambast Europe for its feeble commitment to Nato

    11.7. 2018, The Telegraph (Velká Británie)
    Nato is only viable if the Europeans accept that they must put in more than the US.


    Trump is right -- NATO is obsolete, and he’s delivering that message loud and clear

    Harry J. Kazianis
    11.7. 2018, Fox News (USA)

    All this means that America’s available diplomatic and military bandwidth that it can devote to Europe must change. We must face up to the fact that NATO, in its present form, is obsolete. The alliance must evolve into an organization led and mostly resourced by Europeans. So, is America going to quit NATO and go back across the Atlantic or abandon its allies in Europe? Never. Does that mean a wave of isolationism has infected Washington and we won’t honor our treaty commitments or push back against Moscow in another crisis? Not at all. But it does mean a fundamental shift in burden that a Europe blessed with wealth and riches can easily maintain. However, if Europe is unwilling or unable to field a credible armed force to take on challenges from Russia or elsewhere, we must question the utility of an alliance that is a shell of what it used to be.


    Brace yourselves, NATO — Donald Trump is coming

    Bernd Riegert
    10.7. 2018, Deutsche Welle (Německo)

    In the worst-case scenario, NATO diplomats reckon, the United States could demand that European members directly pay for US troops to be stationed on the continent: Cash for security. That would represent a radical break with the philosophy of NATO, an alliance built on shared political beliefs. But that is exactly what Trump appears to have in mind. He is always out to secure his advantage, and to do it he will stop at nothing; he will even affront long-term allies. This mentality has already manifested itself at the recent G7 summit in Canada. So, one can expect Trump to adopt a similarly uncompromising stance in Brussels on Wednesday. The European members will have to prepare for Trump attempting to tie trade issues to security policy. It is possible that he will threaten that „either you lift European import tariffs on US goods, or you lose the US nuclear deterrent against Russia.“


    Trump Still Distorting NATO Spending

    D’Angelo Gore
    9.7. 2018, (USA)

    President Donald Trump continues to wrongly claim that the United States is paying as much as 90 percent of the cost of operating the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. In reality, the U.S. share of the commonly funded NATO budget is currently just over 22 percent, according to the most recent figures from NATO. Trump’s complaints about NATO spending are actually based on how much the U.S. spends on its own defense compared with what other member nations spend on theirs. Still, the U.S. share of total defense spending by all alliance members in 2017 was an estimated 67 percent, according to inflation-adjusted figures from NATO.


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