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    NATO is full of freeloaders. But it’s how we defend the free world.

    11. prosince 2019  17:05
    Bret Stephens, New York Times (USA)
    With the conclusion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s 70th anniversary summit in London, it’s fair to say that Donald Trump thinks that most alliance members, starting with France and Canada, are a bunch of ungrateful and unhelpful freeloaders. Fair to say, also, that most of those members see Trump as an erratic, pompous, dangerous simpleton. There’s no reason they both can’t be right.  

    Summit Severoatlantické aliance v Londýně. Šéf NATO Jens Stoltenberg | foto: NATO Photos

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    Bret Stephens / NATO Is Full of Freeloaders. But It’s How We Defend the Free World. In: New York Times, 5. 12. 2019.



    Nato summit failed for making news more than it made deals

    Gavin Esler
    5. 12. 2019, The National (UAE)
    Donald Trump is undoubtedly the world’s biggest newsmaker. Even when he is alone in a room he airs grievances, settles scores and makes news through Twitter. When he is with other people, for example at the London anniversary summit celebrating 70 years of Nato for being what they call the „world’s most successful military alliance”, Mr Trump makes news in other ways too.


    Why NATO at 70 is as young as ever

    Editorial Board
    4. 12. 2019, The Christian Science Monitor (USA)
    The alliance’s anniversary summit had lively disputes but ended with a unity around shared ideals that make NATO more than a guardian of territory.


    Is France Making a Power Play By Questioning the Value of NATO?

    Ali Demirdas
    10. 12. 2019, Yahoo News (USA)
    The French president Emmanuel Macron has been in the headlines for his remarks about NATO and Turkey. He called the Transatlantic alliance “Brain Dead” and condemned Turkey for its “unilateral actions” in Syria. He further declared that terrorism, not Russia, is what NATO should be concerned about. How should Macron’s burst of emotions be interpreted?


    How does Nato look at the age of 70? It’s complicated

    Dan Sabbagh
    4. 12. 2019, The Guardian (United Kingdom)
    Seventy years after Nato was founded to protect western Europe from Joseph Stalin’s Soviet Union, the military alliance returned this week to its first home in London to discuss an increasingly sprawling set of goals while bickering leaders competed to see who could offer the most contentious soundbite.


    NATO lives on

    M Saeed Khalid
    10. 12. 2019, The News (Pakistan)
    The message from Nato leaders is that of readiness to squarely face Russia and China as the West’s strategic rivals. Cooperation in curbing international terrorism would also become an important mission for the alliance. With the area of conflict extended to outer space, Nato has worked out an elaborate agenda to live on for many years to come.


    Trump is the least of NATO’s problems

    Bobby Ghosh
    5. 12. 2019, Bloomberg/Japan Times
    It was meant to be a celebration of the 70th anniversary of NATO. But the mood at a gathering of the alliance’s leaders this week in London was anything but celebratory. There was no disguising the fact that NATO is in deep — even existential — trouble.


    No surprise in the NATO summit of 70th anniversary

    Yasar Yakis
    6. 12. 2019, Ahval News (Turkey)
    The decades-old NATO practice of disagreeing on several issues, but eventually arriving at a compromise was re-confirmed at the NATO summit in London this week to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the alliance.


    London Summit exposes differences, discords within NATO

    5. 12. 2019, Xinhua (China)
    The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)’s 70th birthday summit came to a „crash, bang, wallop“ end Wednesday in London, with U.S. President Donald Trump leaving early. The two-day showpiece event, which was aimed at creating harmony among the 29 members of the alliance, has been instead surrounded by discords and squabbles, with leaders of key allies, such as France, the United States and Turkey, involved in a series of verbal exchanges.


    Europe has learnt how to deal with Washington

    Sylvie Kauffmann
    8. 12. 2019, Le Monde / Gulf News
    The Nato summit near London last week, which was supposed to celebrate the organisation’s 70th birthday, ended awkwardly on Wednesday in a formal commitment of countries at odds with one another to stick together for a future that nobody dares to define.


    Rücksichtslos und ohne Einsicht

    Astrid Corall
    4. 12. 2019, (Deutschland)
    Der NATO-Gipfel konnte den Eindruck nicht revidieren: Die drei Präsidenten Trump, Macron und Erdogan verfolgen knallhart ihre Ziele - mit wenig Rücksicht auf die Bündnispartner. Und das wird wohl auch so bleiben.


    La OTAN pone a China (y al 5G) por primera vez en su mirilla

    Pablo Suansez
    4. 12. 2019, El Mundo (Spain)
    La OTAN tiene una larguísima tradición de expresiones ambiguas, retórica muy controlada y mensajes tibios. Tras siete décadas, ha aprendido a medir, a calibrar. Es una organización defensiva, no ofensiva, y por eso hace lo posible para no encender mechas y lo imposible para apagar las que prenden solas. Pero que su lenguaje sea técnico, desapasionado a menudo, no quiere decir que el fondo esté vacío.


    Il futuro dell’Alleanza/ All’Europa serve l’esercito per rafforzarsi nella Nato

    Vittorio Parsi
    4. 12. 2019, Il Messaggero (Italy)
    Sotto un certo punto di vista, al compimento del 70esimo anno, la Nato si ritrova con le stesse esigenze sintetizzate efficacemente nel 1952 dal suo primo Segretario generale, Lord Ismay: “Tenere i russi fuori, gli americani dentro e i tedeschi sotto”. Ovvero, consolidare la speciale relazione politico-militare con gli Stati Uniti, tenera a bada i russi ed impedire il sorgere di egemonie dall’interno dell’Europa.

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