Germany’s Indo-Pacific frigate may send unclear message

10. května 2021  8:56
Hans Kundnani, Michito Tsuruoka, Chatham House (United Kingdom)
When it recently emerged that Germany was planning to deploy the Bayern frigate to the South China Sea, it was widely interpreted as a move towards taking a tougher stand against China’s territorial claims in Asia. ... However, as details of the Bayern’s trip have emerged, it now looks as if the message it will send will be more unclear.  

Fregata německých ozbrojených sil. (Ilustrační foto) | foto: Bundeswehr/Florian Draxler

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Hans Kundnani, Michito Tsuruoka / Germany’s Indo-Pacific frigate may send unclear message. In: Chatham House, 4. 5. 2021.


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Hans Kundnani, Michito Tsuruoka
Chatham House (United Kingdom)
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