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    A challenge from China could be just the thing to pull NATO together

    3. prosince 2019  14:50
    James Griffiths, CNN (USA)
    The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is looking more disorganized than ever, but a major Pacific rival could help push them back together.  

    Sídlo Severoatlantické aliance v Bruselu | foto: NATO Photos

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    James Griffiths / A challenge from China could be just the thing to pull NATO together. In: CNN , 4. 12. 2019.



    The Man Who Figured Out Trump

    Tom McTague & Yasmeen Serhan
    4. 12. 2019, The Atlantic (USA)

    As leaders of NATO’s 29 member states meet in London to mark its 70th anniversary, the military alliance faces a wide array of critics and challenges. It seems an impossibly long and difficult set of issues, certainly not ones well suited for a former anti-war activist, someone who once opposed his own country’s membership in NATO. Yet that is precisely who is at the organization’s helm. Meet Jens Stoltenberg—the unlikely leader who may well be doing more than anyone else to hold NATO, and the West, together.


    Despite Acrimony Among Leaders, NATO Is Making Strides at 70

    Robbie Gramer & Lara Seligman
    3. 12. 2019, Foreign Policy (USA)
    Trump’s bullying prompted NATO Chief Stoltenberg to praise the U.S. president for his “leadership on defense spending,” and the alliance is bolstering itself against Russia.


    Trump, Erdogan a Macron rozkladajú NATO spoločne

    Peter Morway
    3. 12. 2019, Dennik N (Slovensko)
    Na rozdiel od oveľa neskoršej Európskej únie NATO nevzniklo ako hodnotový spolok, preto jeho členmi od začiatku mohli byť nedemokratické režimy. Dnes má NATO s Úniou spoločné, že ho tieto režimy rozkladajú zvnútra – v spolupráci so sebeckými záujmami jednotlivých členských krajín.


    Why NATO is worth preserving for US, Europe — and even Russia

    Peter B. Zwack
    3. 12. 2019, The Hill (USA)
    The summit comes at a pivotal time — accentuated by French President Emmanuel Macron’s recent declaration that the alliance was “brain-dead” — where the United State’s traditionally guiding role and philosophy appears more confusing than affirming for our allies in NATO and worldwide.


    Turkey, Not Trump, Is the Biggest Threat to NATO Right Now

    Simon A. Waldman
    1. 12. 2019, Haaretz (Israel)
    Trump cuts funding, Macron calls it ‚brain-dead.‘ But neither are NATO’s most pressing challenge from inside the alliance. NATO needs to show Turkey tough love - now


    How Americans and America benefit from NATO

    Tom Rogan
    3. 12. 2019, Washington Examiner (USA)
    It was apt that President Trump departed for a NATO summit under deep rain. The alliance’s meeting in London, after all, comes during a time of escalating tensions between America and its European allies. But although the 29-member alliance faces real problems, it continues to offer instrumental service to American interests.


    It’s Not Just Trump. The American People Are Skeptical of NATO, Too.

    Mark Hannah
    3. 12. 2019, Politico (Belgium)
    It’s not just President Donald Trump who is skeptical of the North Atlantic alliance, in other words. It’s the American people. To the extent that U.S. citizens think about NATO at all, they disagree about whether honoring its commitments would be worth the sacrifice.


    Nato at 70: not ‚brain dead‘, but needs shot in arm

    Ian Bond
    3. 12. 2019, EUobserver (Belgium)
    What a difference a decade makes. Nato’s 60th birthday celebration in 2009 was a show of confidence, sprinkled with the stardust of Barack Obama’s first official visit to Europe and culminating in a 62-paragraph declaration covering everything from the Arctic to Africa. France announced its full reintegration into Nato’s integrated military command structure, and Albania and Croatia officially joined the alliance. By contrast, the 70th anniversary finds the alliance looking doddery and unsure.


    Erdogan, Angry at NATO, Is Putting Turkey in Good Bargaining Position Ahead of London Summit

    Zvi Bar’el
    3. 12. 2019, Haaretz (Israel)
    Erdogan is not only angry at France. He is demanding that all the NATO countries support the Turkish invasion into Syria, and regard it as a justified war that Turkey is waging for all of the organization’s members. In particular, he wants the NATO countries to classify the Kurdish forces as terror organizations. And he knows this won’t happen.


    Does NATO die when France’s Macron wants it dead?

    Mehmet A. Kanci
    4. 12. 2019, Anadolu Agency (Turkey)
    London summit will either redefine alliance or give birth to new crises due to behavior from leaders like French president


    NATO allies just want the United States to subsidize European defense

    Jordan Schachtel
    4. 12. 2019, USA Today (USA)
    President Donald Trump rightly expressed frustration with our allies and asked them to make good on their financial commitments to NATO. He sees the statements that come out of European prime ministers’ offices regularly championing the importance of NATO. He then observes several NATO allies busily ensuring its decline with double-dealing and deception.

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