NATO is in the middle of an expensive and dangerous military exercise. Here’s why those war games are worth it

30. října 2018  10:01
James Stavridis, Time (USA)
Over 50,000 troops, hundreds of aircraft and dozens of warships under his command are spread out around northern Europe as part of Exercise Trident Juncture. In addition to the 29 NATO countries, both Sweden and Finland will have significant roles. And, another non-NATO nation has a role too: while the adversary in the exercise is “fictional,” it is clearly modeled on Russia.  
Tanky Leopard 2 a obrněná vozidla Marder německé armády v přístavu Fredrikstad před cvičením Trident Juncture 2018. | foto: JFC Naples

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James Stavridis / NATO Is in the Middle of an Expensive and Dangerous Military Exercise. Here’s Why Those War Games Are Worth It. In: Time, 29.10. 2018.


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