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NATO-Gipfel kehrt zur Normalität zurück

12. července 2018  9:50
Nach dem ersten Tag des NATO-Gipfels in Brüssel war klar: Es gab Streit, aber kein totales Zerwürfnis. Nach US-Präsident Trumps Wutrede zu Beginn konnten die Mitglieder sich auf eine gemeinsame Schlusserklärung einigen.  
Americký prezident Donald Trump. | foto: NATO

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NATO-Gipfel kehrt zur Normalität zurück

Barbara Wesel
11.7. 2018, Deutsche Welle (Německo)


It’s time to restructure NATO

Christian Whiton
12.7. 2018, USA Today (USA)
Successive American presidents have complained that the current arrangement isn’t fair, and NATO members have long pledged to spend more on their defense. They will do so again today, but they never seriously deliver. It’s time to restructure NATO fundamentally. America should remain a partner, but we should move most of our forces home, or to the Pacific to deter China. Europe should take primary responsibility for its own defense. 


Analysis: at Nato summit, why can’t Trump just take yes for an answer?

12.7. 2018, South China Morning Post (China)

In private with Nato leaders, Trump is all smiles, but in front of the cameras he can’t resist ‘rubbing salt in the wounds’.


Why you should give a shit about NATO

Sean Illing
11.7. 2018, Vox (USA)

Does Trump have a point? What purpose does a 1949 defense treaty serve today? Is it still worth theprice we pay to keep it going? To answer these questions, I reached out to Ivo Daalder, a former US ambassador to NATO from 2009 to 2013 and now the president of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. We talked about NATO’s role today, why the typical US taxpayer ought to care about the alliance, and what the world might look like without it.


As we might say in Chicago, Trump in Europe is not a stand-up guy

11.7. 2018, Chicago Sun Times (USA)

Trump is turning American diplomacy upside down, repudiating our nation’s leadership in the world. He is snubbing one of history’s most successful alliances for freedom and peace, NATO, and playing into the hands of an expansionist Russia. It is hard to imagine Putin could have written a better script for Trump, from a Russian strongman’s point of view, than the words that came out of our president’s mouth on Wednesday.


Dny NATO v Ostravě

Září 2018

Výroční Dny NATO v Ostravě letos vidělo 220 tisíc návštěvníků.

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Září 2018

Premiéra amerického UH-1Y Venom, jednoho z kandidátů na přezbrojení českých vrtulníků.

Cvičení Sky Avenger

Červen 2018

Jak doplňují palivo americké stíhačky nad Českem z létajícího tankeru.

Army test u výsadkářů

Červen 2018

Pět disciplin dokonale prověří, zda by vaše fyzička stačila na přijetí do armády.