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Ban NATO summits

16. července 2018  9:54
After watching this NATO summit unfold here in Brussels, we think it’s worth considering whether this should be the last one for a while. That’s not because the substance was disappointing. Far from it. As numerous European ministers and NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg stressed, the policy decisions formalized here were as impressive as any summit in recent memory. The United States and its European allies agreed to improve their military capabilities, do more in Iraq and across Europe’s southern border, and augment NATO’s ability to make decisions in a crisis. They invited a new member to join. They also reaffirmed their common stance against Russia and commitment to collective self-defense.But it is impossible to ignore that leaders — as well as the hundreds of NATO wonks and journalists gathered on the summit’s margins — spent two days engulfed in an unnecessary drama created, scripted, and produced by the U.S. president. While ministers and experts tried to keep the focus on the summit’s impressive deliverables, all anyone wanted to talk about was Donald Trump.  
Severoatlantická aliance. Ilustrační foto.
Severoatlantická aliance. Ilustrační foto. | foto: NATO Photos

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Ban NATO Summits

Derek Chollet, Amanda Sloat
13.7. 2018, Foreign Policy (USA)


Trump still needs NATO just like NATO still needs America — and the latest Russian indictments prove it

Nick Trickett
15.7. 2018, NBC News (USA)¨

Whether Trump likes it or not, it’s in the best interests of all NATO allies to stay united in the face of potential threats, from Russia and elsewhere.


Trump, NATO Summit Exposed Germany’s Natural Gas Problem

Jude Clemente
15.7. 2018, Forbes (USA)

The Germany, Russia + Putin, Trump, natural gas, and pipeline fiasco at the NATO summit has got all of us thinking. For decades now, the Russian bear has continually been sinking its mighty energy claws into Europe and Germany. Despite long promising to „get off Russian energy,“ Gazprom sales to Europe hit an all time record last year, and Europe is still the largest buyer of Russian oil.


Turkey ‘on a balancing act between NATO and Russia’

Barçın Yinanç, Mustafa Aydın
16.7. 2018, Hürriyet Daily News (Turecko)

Sometimes there are unjust discussions in Western media on whether Turkey is moving away from NATO or whether Turkey would leave NATO. But there is no such discussion at all in Turkey. I think this is a kind of a bargaining policy from the allies: Putting Turkey into a kind of defensive position. Turkey is heavily involved in many of NATO’s operations. It accepted to become a part of the transatlantic missile defense system with the Kürecik radar in [eastern province of] Malatya. And at the moment, we are also offering the military headquarters in Istanbul to the new land command structure.


Trump’s portrayal of NATO in crisis carries risks for alliance

Robin Emmott
13.7. 2018, Reuters (USA)

NATO faces public relations challenge after Trump outbursts. Trump has used two summits to create drama, undermine trust. Drama overshadowed summit moves on ways of curbing Russia.


The worst thing about Trump’s outbursts on Brexit and Nato? That he’s right

14.7. 2018, Spectator (Velká Británie)

It is hard to imagine another leader of a western democracy taking the opportunity to undermine a Prime Minister shortly before arriving in Britain, as Trump did this week by describing the country as being ‘in turmoil’. He then appeared to take sides with Boris Johnson just after the former foreign secretary had resigned in protest at Mrs May’s attempt to unite the cabinet on a shared vision of Brexit. Yet for all his bluster and offensiveness, Trump often has a point.


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